About Granulite
 About Granulite
What is Granulite?
Granulite consists of the integration of hard mineral Granulite, industrial slag (Diameter 1/0 to 10 mm), water, cement, and additives. The above mentioned combination will be gained in accordance with the high standard quality and the precise and highly controlled process and it is quite uniformed and identical. It also can be applied as a final floor coating of thickness about 10 to 20 mm and hardness of 6-8 Mohs scale. It is also worth pointing out that color pigments such as Chrome oxide, Iron Oxide, and Titanium Oxide will be applied to decorative floor coating in variety of colors and types.
1. High resistance against heavy traffics
2. Anti dust
3. High resistance against oil solvents and mineral oil
4. A very low permeability and easy to clean
5. Resistance against frost and climate variation
6. Easy to be repaired
7. Non-flammable and fire-resistant
8. Non-slip
9. Physiological security

10. Non-static



PetrochemicaIl ndustry
Railway and metro station
Car Manufacturing Industry
Country houses
Parking Structures
Petrol stations
Educational Organizations
Food, Pharmaceutical , and Health Care Industry
RefrigeratinRg oom
And etc….
Textile Industry


Different colors of Granulites
Granulites are varied in colors, they are as following:
Green/ blue/ black / brown /yellow / red /white / battleship gray/gray