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Granulite Co. has launched its field of activities since1996. It mainly aims at producing the raw materials of color-hardened concretes, improving the quality and duration of any types of floors. Over the years of experiences, we have employed the most efficient and competent staff to achieve our goals to produce different color-hardened concretes which are resistant against traffic, high pressure, and weather exposure. All our products are made of the best and highest standard raw materials.

1. Improving strength and duration of any kind of floor
2. Providing many job opportunities and employing the most professional youth population
3. Producing the raw materials of color-hardened concretes self-sufficiency and preventing money floods out of the country
4. Improving the operation of construction industry
5. Providing the different industries with resistant and durable floors
1. Manufacturing the raw materials of cement-based color-hardened concretes
2. Manufacturing the different productions of color-hardened concretes
3. Applying the best and the highest standard raw materials
4. Consulting, calculating, designing, and installing different floors
5. Employing professional and experienced engineers
6. Employing the most skilled and proficient staff
7. Providing facilities and consulting services on the strength and duration of floors
8. Providing permanent support services and facilities
Last but not least, Tajang Company as a main producer of different colored concerts sets out to provide the best qualities and facilities to satisfy users. It is also worth mentioning that our major filed of activity is steeping forward in improving and progressing the industry, to be more precise construction industry.


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